Kaihinso Kamakura|Japanese restaurant-hotel in Kamakura



For lodging in Kamakura, please stay at Kaihinso Kamakura. Our hotel is a one-minute walk from Enoshima Electric Railway (Enoden) Yuigahama Station as an only restaurant hotel in Kamakura in the walking distance to the Kamakura Great Buddha and Hase-dera Temple. The Western style buildings blended with Japanese style were designated as tangible national cultural properties and have been loved as the symbol of the town. Please use our hotel as the basis of bathing at Yuigahama Beach and a walk in Kamakura.

Free WiFi
  • Special Room

    Special Japanese-style Room with Garden

    • Garden
    • Max6
    • nonsmoking
    • Futon
  • Special Roomイメージ
  • Standard Room

    Standard Japanese-style Room

    • Max4
    • nonsmoking
    • Futon
  • Standard Roomイメージ
  • Tangible Cultural Property
    Western Room

    Classical Twin Room

    • Max2
    • nonsmoking
    • Twin
  • Western Roomイメージ
  • Japanese-Western Room

    Japanese tatami room and
    Western-style bed room

    • Max4
    • nonsmoking
    • Twin
    • Futon
  • Japanese-Western Roomイメージ


CommonBath towel, hand towel, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, razor, shower cap, comb, brush, toothbrush set
For womenSkincare set of 4 items (liquid cleansing, face wash, moisture lotion, moisture milk)
For menFace and hair care set of 3 items (face wash, face care lotion, styling milk wax)
For childrenYukata, slippers, child chair, infant chair, child tableware


  • We are unable to process checking-in after 21:00.
  • Please be sure to enter the number “of all people visiting our hotel" including child(ren) for our preparation.
  • Please also let us know "how many men and women are visiting respectively" as we need this information for preparation of Yukata (Japanese bathrobes), etc.
  • If you arrive at the party as a group of more than the number of people booked on the day, a prescribed additional fee will be charged.
  • Please also note beforehand that we may need extra time for resetting the room and that food for additional people may not be prepared.

    Dinner of the month is Kaiseki ryori (a simple meal served before a ceremonial tea) featuring seasonal delicacies such as bamboo shoots in spring, Common Japanese conger in summer, Matsutake mushroom in autumn and winter yellowtails in winter, which you can enjoy with your eye and tongue. Selecting from delicacies throughout the nation, cuisine of 'Ichigo Ichie' (Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur) will be served. We pay careful attention to tableware and food presentation so that you may feel the four seasons of the ancient city of Kamakura through meals.


Dinner18:00~ / 18:30~ / 19:00~
(served in room)
Breakfast8:00~ / 8:30~
(served in restaurant)
Free Coffee Sevice7:30~10:00


Bath for men / Bath for women.
Bathrooms for men and women are not switchable.

Operationg hours15:00 - 23:30 / 6:30 - 8:30


  • Please bring towels from your room for taking a bath.
  • Our bath uses heated water.
  • In our hotel, we decline the use of the large bath by children not out of diapers for sanitary reasons, in principle.
  • Please use the room's bathroom for infants.